AK133 Therapeutic Yin Yoga for Stress Pain Anxiety Inflammation cramps Sciatica

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Healing therapeutic Restorative Yin Yoga Sequence for Stress, Pain, Anxiety, Inflammation, Injuries, chronic illness, sciatica, cramps, ovarian cysts and conditions, chronic pain syndrome, Flu and colds,headaches,hip pain, healing from disease. Appropriate to use during women's moon cycle for menstrual cramps and discomfort as well as balancing the hormones. Great relaxation, INSOMNIA, recovering from injury. The sequence is very slow and meditative. It will strengthen your immune system and reinforce your inner peace. Grab a few blankets and bolsters and make yourself comfortable. Breath deeply.
Note: sorry the class is not edited perfectly because i am switching my movie editing system and I am still learning. Please bear with me.
I hope you enjoy the class.

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